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Installing Fire Suppression Systems Since 1996

Safeguarding Your Property From Fire Damages

Assets and structures that are not equipped with the right fire protection equipment and systems are vulnerable to devastating damages. At Evans Fire Protection, our safety technicians can help protect your real estate and business equipment from fire.

Our qualified technicians can install several types of fire suppression and protection systems for commercial facilities and business establishments. We have the experience needed to ensure that your fire safety systems are also working properly so your building and assets are well-protected in case of a fire.

Services and Products We Offer

Wet Sprinkler Systems

Dry Valve Sprinkler Systems

Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems

Annual Backflow Testing

Annual Fire Protection Testing

Let Our Technicians Protect Your Building

If you want to protect your commercial structure or business place from fire even before it happens, the best way is to have professionals install new fire suppression equipment or maintain your systems. Please contact our team to find out how we can assist you.